Zelda Community

Hyrule - This is the main Kingdom in the Zelda Series. This is where Zelda and Link are from

Kokiri Forest - This forest possesses the magical Kokiri race. They have fairies that follow them around. The Kokiri Kids are eternally young, Link the Hero from OoT, was believed to be one.

Zoras' Domain - This is the home of Princess Ruto, the Zora King, and the Zora race. Its a great place to swim :p.

Death Mountain - This active volcano is infact the home of the Gorons, In OoT Ganondorf causes problems on here. Watch out for the hot lava :p

Lon Lon Ranch - Home to Talon and Malon. A good place to go to relax or get some milk that is worth the rupees.

Gerudo Valley - This is where Gannondorf is from, and where the Desert Colossus is at.

Termina - This is the Parallel version of Hyrule and all its Inhabitants

Great Bay Coast - This is an ocean inhabited by the Zora Race, There is an island here that is descized as an Island.

Mountains - A mountain where the Gorons of Termina live. The seasons change and effect the life of The Gorons. When the Skull Kid put Termina into terror the season got stuck on winter and most of the Goron race were frozen in blocks of ice.

Ikana Valley - Originally a home of nobels, it is now inhabited by monsters of all kinds.

Clock Town - A fun filled happy place full of people and shops. A great place to start an adventure!

Woodfall - Home of the Deku Shrub King and a lot (and I mean a lot) of monkeys. There is also a nice little boat cruise there.

Romini Ranch - The Farm where the Romani's make the magical milk that helps your life, aliens like to come here.

Holodrum - The Male Maku Tree lives here, as well as Din, Land from OoS.

Subsoria - A land basically made of lava, this is underneath Holodrum.

Lybrianna - The female maku tree lives here, as well as Nayru, Land from OoA.

Cresent Island - The Tokay-lizard creatures live here.