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Fighter's Sword

Fighter's Sword This is the sword that Link is given by his uncle in the basement of the Castle. It probably was a good sword in the past, but is dull and battered.

Master Sword

Master Sword After Link collects the Pendant of Courage, Power and Wisdom, This legendary sword is gained by going through the lost woods.

Tempered Sword

Tempered Sword This is an upgraded Master Sword version, you get this by saving the Dwarven smithy's brother from the dark world.

Golden Sword

Golden Sword You can upgrade your Tempered Sword to its fullest potential by panting a super bomb at the shrine of the fat fairy. This is located at the Pyramid of Power. Throw in the sword and fatty will upgrade you.


Fighter's Shield

Fighter's Sword This shield is an heirloom of your family. You are given it by your uncle in the basement of the castle

Fire Shield

Fire Shield You can get this shield by either throwing your old one into the Waterfall of Wishing OR by buying it at shops for 500 rupees.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield This is the highest upgradeable shield in the game. You get it in Turtle Rock


Green Mail

Green Mail This is the tunic that Link starts out with in the game.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail You find this in the Ice Palce. It reduces damage received by 50%.

Red Mail

Red Mail You find this in Ganon's Tower. It also reduces damage received.

Pegasus Boots

Pegasus Boots The Pendant of Courage is required to operate these boots. They allow link to charge and ram stuff/mosters, sometimes freeing items and locations.

Power Glove

Power Glove This glove is like the power bracelet in other games. It allows Link to pick up heavy white rocks, but not the dark ones. You find this in the Desert Palace.

Titan's Mitt

Titan's Mitt This glove is found in Gargoyle's Domain. This is an upgrade to the Power Glove. With this you can pick up Dark and Light rocks.

Moon Pearl

Moon Pearl This item allows Link to retain his form in the Dark World. This is found in the Tower of Hera

Zora's Flippers

Flippers You buy these for 500 rupees at the Zora's Waterfall. They allow you to swim deeper, and better.


Bow and Arrows

Bow and Arrows You find this as a treasure in the Easter Palace. You can upgrade to more arrows than 30 by donating rupees to the Great Fairy. You can get eventually upto 70.

Silver Arrows

Silver Arrows These are used to Kill Ganon. Throw your bow to the fat fairy, and she will give you this prize.


Boomerang This can be used to hit enemies, trip puzzles and retrieve items. You find this in the Hyrule Castle.

Magical Boomerang

Magical Boomerang Throw your boomerang into the Waterfall of Wishing and you can upgrade to the Magical Boomerang. It goes farther than the blue one, and can cut bushes..


Hookshot You get this in the Swamp Palace. You can use it to cross gaps, hit enemies and retrieve items.


Bomb These allow you to blow up enemies, fractured walls and other various items. Keep an eye out for a cracked wall.


Mushroom You find this in the Lost Woods, if you take it to the witch at the Magic Shop, she can make you some Magic Powder.

Magic Powder

Magic Powder This can change the appearance of enemies, and start fires.

Fire Rod

Fire Rod This item is necessary for beating the game. It can light torches, and kill enemies. You can find it in the Skull Woods.

Ice Rod

Ice Rod This item is necessary for beating the game. It can freeze enemies and consumes magic to use. You find this in a chest in a cave near the east Lake Hylia.

Bombos Medallion

Bombos Medallion This uses magic, but destroys all the enemies on the screen. This is found in the desert, through the dark world on a cliff.

Ether Medallion

Ether Medallion This is required to complete the game. It is found on Death Mountain. The Book of Mudora is required to get the item. This will freeze the tough enemies, and kill weaker ones.

Quake Medallion

Quake Medallion Just as it states, you quake the screen . This is needed to beat the game. You find it in the Lake of Ill Omen.


Lamp Lights fires. You find this in your house when you start the game.

Magic Hammer

Magic Hammer Beats Pegs and enemies. Doesnt use magic, BUT helps you beat Helmasaur


Shovel Allows you to dig holes.


Flute IN the Haunted Grove, there is a boy (Kokiri?), playing his flute(Ocarina?) for animals. He vanishes when Link gets to close. In the Dark World he is there in another form. He wants you to find his flute(that is hidden in the light world). He gives you a shovel. He allows you to keep his flute when you find it.

Bug Net

Bug Net If you have a bottle in your possession, you can get this item from the sick boy in Kakariko Village. Look in the house with a kid in the bed near the Inn. This item allows you to catch fairies. (You can also deflect Agahnim's magic balls with the net)

Book of Mudora

Book of Mudora You find this in the Library. Pegasus Boots needed. It translates the ancient hylian language.


Bottle Holds stuff, fairies, potions etc. You can find them by following the Bottle page.

Cane of Somaria

Cane of Somaria Can be both a tool and a weapon. This item allows link to cross big gaps and harm enemies. You can find it in the Misery Mire.

Cane of Byrna

Cane of Byrna Engulfs link in magic to protect him from enemies, while harming any enemies that draw near. This is found on Death Mountain.

Magic Cape

Magic Cape Description.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Found in the cemetery. Allows Link to be unharmed by enemies. Uses a ton of magic though.


Green Potion

Green Potion Restores magic.

Red Potion

Red Potion Restores health.

Blue Potion

Blue Potion Restores heath and magic bars.

Dungeon Items


Compass Tells you where the boss in a dungeon is and the location of chests..

Dungeon Map

Dungeon Map Shows you the layout of the dungeon

Small Key

Small Key Opens doors in the dungeon. Can only be used once and NOT on a boss door or chest.

Big Key

Big Key Opens big chests and boss doors.

Quest Items

Pendant of Courage

Pendant of Courage The prize you get for beating the Eastern Palace

Pendant of Power

Pendant of Power The prize you get for beating the Desert Palace.

Pendant of Wisdom

Pendant of Wisdom The prize for beating the Tower of Hera.


Crystals These contain the seven maidens. You get one for every dark world dungeon boss you beat.

Other Items


RupeesRupeesRupees Come in various values. They are the money of Hyrule. You can buy stuff with them. THEY ARE FOUND EVERYWHERE

Magic Jars

Small magic JarLarge magic Jar Small and Large Magic Jars fill your magic meter


Fairy You can hold these in a bottle, will revive you at the moment of death. PETA would not approve.


Heart Restores one health heart.

Piece of Heart

Piece of Heart a Piece of Heart, is 1/4th of a heart container. You find these to expand your life.

Heart Container

Heart Container 1 heart of health. You get these by beating bosses or assembling pieces of 4.

Super Bomb

Super Bomb You buy this at Link's house in the dark world. It will blow up the big crack in the Pyramid of Power to expose the fat fairy.