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Horsehead The spells Shield and Jump will come in handy against Horsehead so be sure to have them. Useing shield will reduce the damage inflicted by Horsehead's mace attack, while Jump will make it easier to target Horseheads weak point, which is his head. Simply jump and thrust at the boss' face to land a hit, but be sure to move away quickly, because he will usually counterattack if you come close to him.


Helmethead Just like Horsehead above, you will need to jump and strike at Helmethead's head. The first two blows you land, however, will cause his helmet to fall off and float around the room, firing projectiles at you. After the second hit, his head will be exposed and you can inflict damage on him, and it's recommended that you get close and attempt to land as many hits as quickly as possible because he will repeat this pattern.

Horseback Ironknuckle

Horseback Ironknuckle This battle has two Phases: horseback, and on foot. In the first phase, the horse will charge past you at high speed, thus you should use the Jump spell to avoid these charges. If you have learned the Downward Thrust technique from the soldier in Mido Town, then defeating the horseback form will simply require a few downward blows to the horse's head. If you do not, then try using a couple well-timed jumping thrusts to the horse's face while the boss is holding still. Once the horse is defeated and the Blue Ironknuckle will attack with a flurry of sword beams immediately after he dismounts, and it may be best to wait for this flurry to end before approaching. Afterwards, he will begins to pursue you on foot. Try a few jumping thrusts to the his head to land attacks easily.


Carock If you have not yet obtain the Reflect spell from Darunia Town, you will not be able to defeat Carock. You must cast Reflect to give your shield reflective abilities. Once you have done this, squat down with your shield up and face Carock when he launches a magic spell at you and your shield will reflect it back at him, dealing him damage. You can sometimes stand in either of the corners of the room, pull out shield and stand there while the boss defeats itself, because the boss, most of the time, will not appear close to the edges of the room.

Boss Gooma

Boss Gooma With this boss, unlike the first two, you must stab at his body in order to damage him; however, watch out for his flail. It has quite a long range, and moving out of it's reach can be difficult. A good strategy is to use the Jump spell, and jump over his flail and slice and dice when you land.


Barba Barba will appear from any of the three lava pits in its room and breathe fire in your direction before ducking back down into the lava. You can only deal damage the this boss by striking it on the head. This can be done by either slashing at it as it rises from the lava or sinks back, or by using the jump spell to reach the it's head after it has risen from the lava. Be careful not to be knocked into one of the lava pits, because one hit from Barba's fire breathe attack can push you backwards enough to casue you to fall off the platform and into the lave.


Thunderbird You will need the Thunder spell from Old Kasuto to defeat this boss. Start off by casting the Thunder spell to reveal the Thunderbird's face, which is the only vulnerable point on its body. Cast Jump and slash at the boss' face while trying avoiding the fireballs it launches. If you have enough magic to use the Shield spell, because the boss' fire attack inflicts a lot of damage, or the Reflict spell to reflect the fireballs back at the boss.

Shadow Link

Shadow Link Shadow Link will block almost all of Link's attack, and he will thrust his sword continuously. You will have to attack quickly to have any chance to damage him. only the sword can, and not the body of Shadow Link can not harm Link. So you can jump into him and attempt to slash quickly before he has can reposition himself.