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Ants - Kakariko Village
- You find him inside the Kakariko Graveyard, he will be crawling on the roots of the tree on the rightside of the graveyard.
- You will find her in that empty house that has a hole in the roof next to Barnes's Bomb Shop on the west edge of Kakariko Village. Either fall through the roof or go through the front door and youll find her crawling around on the floor.

Beetles - Southern Hyrule Field
- To find him. Travel to the center of Hyrule Field. Look for a tree that is in between the hills in the middle of the Faron Province
- To find her make sure your around the area that you found him. She will be clinging to a tree on an unreachable ridge in the same area. She will be very difficult to see during the day.

Butterflies - Eastern Hyrule Field
- He is south of the Eastern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. He is located in a flowerpatch to the left to the path
- If you start from the Eastern entrance of Hyrule Castle Town, instead of going south go East. You should see a ledge that is all covered in ivy. Use your trsty clawshot to get to the top of the ledge, you will find her in a flowerpatch.

Dayflies - Gerudo Desert
- To find him go to the southernmost part of the desert and make sure your centered down there. It will be nearly imposible to spot him during the day. So go at night.
- You can find her inside some trenches, in the Northeast section of the desert. In the momre north of the trenches. Look for her at night

Dragonflies - Zora's River
- Goto Zora's Doain waterfall. He is in the very hilly area right below it. If you climb on the hills on the westside almost towards Mother and Child Rock, you will find him there.
- To locate her goto Iza;s boat rental place. She is right on the river infront of there. You can use your boomerang to catch her.

Grasshoppers - Western Hyrule Field
- To find him exit Kakariko village through the top Northeast Exit. When you get to hyrule field you should see him just hopping around, He will be extremely hard to get barehandedly. So It is advisable to use your boomerang
- If your in the same area as you were when you caught the male. The female is in the Northeastern corner of this map. You will have the same difficulty catching her like you did him so use your clawshot or boomerang

Ladybugs - Southern Hyrule Field
- To find the male ladybug start at HCT's steps, head westward. Eventually you should see a very large rock. If you look near the flowers somewhere around the base you should see him.
- If you go directly south of HCT, you will see a courtyard that has a pool inside of it. If you look on the easten side of the pool you should see 3 trees. There will be a female ladybug flying around or on one of these trees

Mantises - Lake Hylia Bridge
- If you go to the Northern arch of the Great Bridge over Lake Hylia. You will see him flying around. But he is extremely hard to catch so use your boomerang or another weapon to claim him
- If you head to the southern end of the Great Bridge, There should be a large group of trees just before the small bridge. She is on the southeastern part of the wall. If you look very high up youll see her. Use your Boomerang or Clawshot to get her down.

Phasmids - Bridge of Eldin
- He is in the southern arch of the Bridge of Eldin. You should be able to spot him right away. Just snatch him with your boomerang and be on your way.
- She is on the Northern side of the BoE. Just use your boomerang and snatch her down.

Pill Bugs - Kakariko Grove
- There should be a bridge in the Kakariko gorge, go there and look towards the ground to the southeast. He should just be crawling along right after the bridge. And near the trail.
- If you face the entrance of Kakariko Village, you should notice a wall of rocks to the southwest. If you follow it you should end up at a flowerpatch near some trees. Look at the flowers and you will find her. If you cant see her cut the flowers.

Snails - Sacred Grove
- If you head to the room that has the guardian statue puzzle in it. Youll see that in the southwest corner of the room, you should find an alcove. Head inside of it and look upwards towards the northeast corner while your inside. You should see him crawling around or near or on the wall
- She is Directly inside the entrance to the Tempmle of Time. Right before you enter the actual dungeon. Locate the large staircase that is along the southern wall of the area. She will be on the western side of the staircase.

Stag Beetles - North Hyrule Field
- If you go the the eastern side of a small river, you should see a single tree. Look in its branches and around it. You should see the stag beetle
- If you head north of the river, you should see a large rocky area that has a path. Follow the path, when it forks head right. Keep following the path and you should see a large boulder that is along a wall that can be blown up with a bomb. Look to the boulders top right area and you should see the female stag beetle