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Ashei - She is a member of the resistance. Her father left the kingdom due to trouble with a boss, but he was apart of the Royal Army. She has learned alot from her father, including her combat skills.

Auru - He is a senior member of the resistance. The resistance is a groupu of people searching to rebuild the kingdom. He was a tutor of the royal family but he retired then decided to keep his distance. Though he is old as hell, he is still in prime condition and still very skillfull

Barnes - He runs the bombshop in Kakariko Village. He is very quick to panic. He likes to speak first then think about it later. This really annoys Renado.

Beth - She is a young girl in links village. She is the child of Sera and Hanch. She is very sassy, and thinks everyone else are babies.

Borville - He is Hyrule Castle Towns Doctor, he has his Phd in Drinking at Telmas bar. He is a little child when it comes to helping people. Like when he stormed out of the bar, when asked to diagnose the Zora Prince.

Charlo - He stands near the goat pens, and he cloolects donations and offers 'devotions' for a charge. If youve got deep pockets...give it a try.

Chudley - He runs a store in HCT. He ooks down to you as if hes way better than you.

Colin - He is Rusl and Ulis son, He is good natured, like his parents. The adores both Ilia and you and he will follow her wherever she goes.

Coro - He is the keeper of the gate in the Faron Woods...He offers to refill your Lantern Oil

Darbus - Is the leader of the Gorons, He was transformed by Zant

Eldin - This is a magical spirit that is the embodiment of the land of Eldin. Its form is that of a bird and it lives in the spring near Kakariko Village.

Epona - This is Links horse, you can summon her with Ilia's charm or with weeds. She has the same name as Epona in all the other games.

Fado - He works in the same farmhouse as you. Acts very childish

Falbi - He is a former circus worker. He has a business that gives prizes for those who can pilot a Cucco. His business is at Lake Hylia

Faron - This is a magical sprit that is the embodiment of the land of Faron. Its form is that of a monkey and it lives in the spring near the Faron Woods

Fyer - He is a former member of the circus, he runs a business at Lake Hylia, for a few rupees he will shoot you out of a canon

Ganondorf - The series's favorite villian. He is free once again from the Realm...which was given 3 names in 3 games (Dark World, Sacred Realm, Twilight Realm). You goal is to beat this pig to death.

Gengle - This is Jovani's cat, aswell as his best friend. Jovani sold his soul for riches and in result. Him and his cat were turned into gold. All of Gengles purrpals are waiting for him to return outside of Jovani's house.

Gor Amoto - He is the fourth oldest elder in the Goron Community...not much is known about this guy. Because you only see him briefly

Gor Coron - He is the most important goron elder of the 4 senior Eldors living within the confines of Death Mountain. He was theh one responsible for isolating his tribe from the humans. He opens the Gorons to you after you win in a wrestling match.

Gor Ebizo - This is the oldest looking Goron in the game. He is also the second most powerfull Goron. He will eventually work for Malo.

Gor Liggs - The third most important Goron. He believes in the restorative powers of Hot Spring Water

Gorons - They are the big race of Creatures that live on Death Mountain. They are a helpful race that will allow you multiple opportunities to climb on thier back. They will catapult you into the air.

Great Fairy - A magical creature that exists to support those who demonstrate courage. She will restore all your hearts. Attend her Cave of Ordeals.

Hanch - Hanch is Sera's husband and Beth's father. He runs the shop in Ordon Village. He is quite unlucky.

Hena - She is the sister of Iza and Coro. She rents out boats for you to fish.

Hero's Shade - This spirit lives in a world apart from yours, and teaches you sword weaponry arts.

Hylian Soldiers - These soldiers are apart of the Royal Hylian Army. They were brave, but they fell to the Twilight.

Ilia - She is good friends with Link...she is possibly his love lust. She lost her memory. It is up to Link to get it back.

Impaz - Is the last of the Shiekah...Could possibly be of Decent from Impa herself. Is a very old lady, who gives you the sky book

Iza - She is the oldest of her two other sisters. Coro and Hena are her sisters. She runs a shop that rents pots for the rapids rides on the Upper Zora's River.

Jaggle - He is Pergies husband, and the father of Talo and Malo. He is a farmer in Ordon Village

Jovani - His greed, subsequently caused him to be turned into a giant gold nugget. You must collect 60 poes souls, till hes free from the curse

Kili, Hanna, and Misha - These girls always congregate in groups. They have a game inside of a tent. If you are lucky enough to win it. You will win a prize.

Lanayru - This is a magical spirit that is the embodiment of the land of Lanayru. Its form is that of a snake. It resides in the spring near Lake Hylia.

Link - This is the Hero of the game. He is pulled into the land of Twilight, and takes the shape of a wolf, which means him as a true hero. His friend is Ilia. He is the savior of the Kingdom of Hyrule

Louise - This is Telmas kitty. She usually resides at the bar.

Luda - She is the daughter of Renaudo(the shaman) from Kakariko Village

Madame Fanadi - She is a bad fortune teller. She wants money before she tells you obvious stuff

Malo - He is the son of Pergie and Jaggle. He runs Malo mart.

Malver - He used to run Chudley's Emporium. After Malo took over..He took on a whole new name, and a whole new attitude.

Mayor Bo - He is the mayor of Links village. He is the father of Ilia

Midna - She is the rightful heir of the Twilight Realm, She was usurped from power by Zant, who killed her parents.

Oocca - Are said to be the ancestors of the Hylia...figure that. They live in the city in the sky. And they have fallen pray to Zant and Gannondorf

Ooccoo - This mystical creature. Is of a race that lives in the sky. It will help you leave a temple and come back to where you were.

Ooccoo Jr. - This bodiless creature is the son of Ooccoo.

Ordona - This is a magical spirit that is the embodiment of the land of Ordona. Its form is that of a goat. It lives in a spring near Ordon village.

Pergie - She is the mother of Talo and Malo. She is the wife of Jaggle.

Plumm - Friends with trill. She wants to take your money at Lake Hylia to participate in a mini-game

Postman - This speedy guy has about a 3 minute-mile time on his run. And his job looks like it stinks. He delivers mail to the whole kingdom

Prince Ralis - Is heir to the Zora throne, his mother and father were killed by Zant.

Princess Agatha - Is a little girl that lives in a Castle in Hyrule Castle Town. She will give you money for the golden bugs. 50 for single and a total of 150 for a pair. Thats alot of money

Princess Zelda - She is the rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Hyrule. Zant took her kingdom over. She is a bearer of a peice of the Triforce.

Purlo - He builds tents in Hyrule Castle town. He has a game which offers a huge monetary prize

Renado - Is the shaman of Kakariko village. He is also Luda's father. He takes care of Ilia during her amnesia.

Rusl - He is Colins father and Ulis husband. He is a good swordsman

Rutella - The mother of Ralis, she was the Queen of the Zoras before being murdered by Zant

Sages - They are creatures of unknown power and/or origin. They dont have bodies. THey are more like spirits.

Sera - She is the mother of Beth and the wife of Hance. She is a mean wife who needs to respect her husband more.

Shad - He is a member of the resistance. Was told a story by his father about the city in the sky.

Soal - He is a little boy who makes cash shining your shoes in Hyrule Castle Town

Talo - Is malos older brother. He watches over Kakariko village from atop a high tower

Telma - She runs the bar in Hyrule Castle Town. She is also the leader of the resistance.

Trill - This bird runs a potion shop in the woods near your house, he will peck the crap out of you rhead if you dont pay for your items

Twilis - A race of people who live in the Twilight realm. They are cursed by Zant . It is upto link to save them.

Uli - She is the mother of Colin, she is pregnant and the wife of Rusl.

Yeta - She is Yeto's wife, after being given a peice of the Mirror of Twilight, she becomes very sick. After you try to take it from her, your goal is to beat her

Yeto - He is a male Yeti, he is an exquisite cook, and seeks your help making his wife better in health

Zant - He is the self-imposed leader of the of the Twili. He recieved his power from Gannondorf. He was basically Gannondorfs puppet.

The Zoras - These are an aquatic race, that were frozen atleast twice in their history by Gannondorf or his underlings. Their royal family was all but destroyed except for Prince Ralis