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Giant Chu Chu - This creature has seeped through the ceiling of the Deepwood Shrine, and it is Link's job to obliterate it.  First, you must use your Gust Jar to suck away the bottom end of the jelly.  Once, you have sucked away enough, the monster becomes top heavy and falls to the floor.  This is your chance to hack away at the Chu Chu with your sword.  Repeat this process about three times and it will be defeated.  The only thing to watch out for in the battle is the jelly's jumping radius, if you see his shadow, run!

Gleerok - The Gleerok is the guardian of the Cave of Flames, and is part of the ancient Gleeok family.  The attack pattern of this creature is rather simple, he will rotate around in a circle spitting flames in your direction.  The trick to defeating him, is to trick him to turn the opposite direction in which you are running.  Once you have a clear shot of his shell, use the Cane of Pacci to fire a magical blast at the crystal on his back.  This will render him unconscious for awhile and allow you to travel over his neck and attack the crystal with your sword.  A few rounds of these swipes will destroy him for good!

Gohdan - Gohdan awaits Link at the top of the Fortress of Winds.  This battle takes a little time, for it is more complicated than it seems.  First, you must use your Bow and Arrow to strike the eye of each hand.  Once you score a successful hit, slash away at the eye with your sword.  Once you complete this task with both hands, jump in one of the shrinking booths in either top corner of the room, and climb into Gohdan's head.  Inside Gohdan, there are several pillars that support his head, you must slash the flashing pillar with your sword repeatedly until you are sent back out.  After the first time you accomplish this, the chamber will be filled with sand, and you must locate the flashing pillar by digging close with your Mole Mitts.  Regardless of the complications, attacking the pillars a total of three times is the road to defeating Gohdan.

Big Octo - Once this Octorock becomes thawed, he will steal the Element and run away into his chamber in the Temple of Droplets.  This battle becomes difficult because of the Octorock's reactions and agility.  What you must do to defeat him is first use your shield to reflect the rocks he spits from his snout.  Three successfully reflected rocks will cause the boss and the arena to freeze.  Now, use your Pegasus Boots and Flame Lantern to dash behind him and set his flower tail on fire.  This must be done three times successfully to destroy him.  Be careful, however, for being sucked up by the Octorock will cause one full heart of damage!

Gyorgs - This flying duo puts up quite a fight, for the entire battle takes place mid-air!  Equip your Roc's Cape and Sword, for these two instruments are all you will need for this long battle.  Essentially, this is two fights, for you will start the battle on the smaller, blue creature.  Whenever riding on the smaller boss, you must strike one of the four eyes that open up at random with your sword.  Once you reach the red creature, use your Roc's Cape to fly on it's back.  You now must notice the pattern it's eyes will take and create that formation with your three Links using the portals on his back.  Once you have attained the proper formation, slash away at his eyes.  You will jump between the larger creature and the smaller creature several times before this boss will be defeated.

Vaati: The Final Battle

Sorcerer Form - Vaati has used his attained power to transform into a powerful Sorcerer, and he is undoubtedly the hardest boss in the game.  The biggest problem is, you have just finished fighting three Darknuts and have no time to heal before reaching Vaati 1st and 2nd forms, so plan accordingly!  As a sorcerer, Vaati will act as a Patra, a mythical Hylian monster, and circle eyes with wings swiftly around his body.  Throughout the fight, Vaati will add more eyes to the circle.  You must slash away each eye with your sword in order to make Vaati expose the eye in the center of his torso.  Once this happens, run up close to him and slash away at his eye with your sword.  Once this has been done a few times, Vaati will enchant the four eyes with shields.  At this time, you must use your Gust Jar to dispose of the shields guarding the eyes, and then strike at them.  But beware, Vaati can attack you with force orbs, fire balls, and laser attacks!  Once you have struck his central eye enough times, he will stop the fight.

Wind Mage Form - Vaati transforms into the Wind Mage immediately after the first fight, but do not fear, for this form is much easier than the Sorcerer form.  What you must do is use your Bow and Arrow to uncover the red eyes surrounding Vaati.  Once you uncover the four red eyes, use the portals at the bottom of the arena to assume that formation and strike at the eyes once.  All eight eyes will then break apart, leaving Vaati susceptible to sword slashes at his body.  You must do this several times to defeat this form, and send yourself into the final battle.

Final Form - After the second form, you are given time to access Fairies and supplies, so you better stock up!  Once you encounter Vaati's final form, you will discover it is much more a battle of technique, rather than ability.  Wait for Vaati to strike his claw into the ground and notice where the claw re-surfaces.  Approach the claw and send it a blast from your Cane of Pacci.  Now, use the pedestal at the top of the arena to shrink and enter the flipped-over claw.  Once inside the claw, you will notice that it is filled with eyeballs.  You task is to desperately search for the one eye that is not looking outward, for that is the only one in which you can attack.  Slash that eye repeatedly until the claw is destroyed.  Return to normal size and repeat this process with the remaining claw.  However, the second claw will be pitch dark inside, so equip your Flame Lantern to search for the single eyeball.  Once both claws are defeated, you must use the portals at the bottom of the arena to transform into four Links.  Once Vaati uses his eyes to blast four linear beams at your four Links, slash your sword to reflect all four blasts back at the eyes.  This may take a few tries to perfect, but if performed successfully, Vaati will be vulnerable for a few moments, in which you must strike him as fast as you can.  Perform this feat a few times and you will destroy Vaati and save Hyrule!