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Wooden Sword- This is the first sword you start out with, very basic. Found in the same same screen as you start out in.
White Sword- Second sword you get. It's sorta like the Master Sword. You need 4 hearts to get it.
Magic Sword- Third sword you get. It's the most powerful sword in the entire game. You need 12 hearts to get it.
Wooden Shield- First shield you start out with. Doesn't protect you from that much, but is still there to help.
Magical Sheld- Second shield you get in the game. It protects from a large variety of attacks.
Other Items
Arrow- Use this along with the Fairy Bow to shoot at any willing target. Helpful in puzzles or far off enemies.
Silver Arrow- Upgrade of the original arrow. This arrow is powerful and is used to harm the most evilest of shadow minions. Use it with the Fairy Bow.
Fairy Bow- This Bow lets you place an arrow on the string and pull back. Once you let go of the string the arrow will fly to any target in that area.
Boomerang- This Boomerang can be thrown at anything, and yet will come back. You can use this to stun enemies or activate switches.
Magical Boomerang- Upgrade of the original Boomerang. You can throw this further then the regular Boomerang, and can stun monsters further away.
Blue Candle- This candle is used to light a dark area, but not that far can be light.
Red Candle- This candle is used to light a dark area, the range of which it lights it further then the previous.
Bombs- These explosives are very useful when you have to bomb an area. You can either throw the bomb or set it down.
Bait- This bait is used to lure enemies to Link. This is for if you need hearts or rupees or anything like that.
Ladder- This wooden staircase is used to climb spots you normally can't reach because of the heigh difference. It is also a step bridge too.
Magical Key- This key is used to open up ANY door that needs opened with a key. Very useful when you can't find the key or are stuck.
Raft- This wooden raft lets you drift across a river, pond, lake, etc. Very helpful in dungeons or areas you need to get across that has water.
Power Bracelet- This magical bracelet gives you enormous strength, allowing you to pick up rocks or anything heavy.
Whistle- This instrument is used to dry water areas, split bosses, etc. Helpful when you are stuck.
Red Ring- This ring holds the power to reduce any damage done to Link by 1/4.
Blue Ring- This is the most useful item in the entire game. This will reduce any damage to Link by half!
Water of Life (Blue)- This potion lets Link revive all of his health gauge.
Water of Life (Red)- This potion lets Link revive all of his health gauge, but you can get two sips from it.
Magical Wand- This item has no REAL purpose in the game, but it allows you to shoot beams across the screen.