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Boss #1: Moldorm
Type: Worm
Items Required: Sword
Defeating: This boss is very tricky. Its only spot that is open for attack is its tail. But it moves sorta fast and can knock you around. You have to wait for the perfect time to hit its tail. Each time you hit it, the faster it'll go.

Boss #2: Genie
Type: Genie
Items Required: Power Bracelets and Sword
Defeating: Go inside the room and pick up the pot. Throw it into the wall three times. Now the Genie should come out. You have to find out where the Genie will show up next. To find out is to look closely at the room. When you see it, hurry to that spot and slash it when it appears.

Boss #3: Slime Eyes
Type: Eyes
Items Required: Pegasus Shoes and Sword
Defeating: Dash into the boss with the the Pegasus Shoes right in the middle of the boss. It'll split into two. Take them both out with your sword.

Boss #4: Angler Fish
Type: Fish
Items Required: Sword
Defeating: Okay, the only thing you have to do in this battle is to attack the angler on its head. Once you've hit that enough, it'll defeat the boss.

Boss #5: Slime Eel
Type: Eel
Items Required: Sword and Hookshot
Defeating: When you get into the room, there are four holes and two eels that pop out of holes. You have to find the real one. The real one has a body of hearts. The fake one has black beads. Hookshot the real ones head. Now slash it. Repeat to kill.

Boss #6: Facade
Type: Floor Monster
Items Required: Bombs
Defeating: Watch out for all the tiles it throws at you. When the tiles stop, lay a bomb there on it. When it explodes, the face should flash, meaning damage was done. Keep doing this to kill.

Boss #7: Evil Eagle
Type: Bird
Items Required: Mirror Shield and Hookshot
Defeating: Use your Mirror Shield to reflect the feather attack. Once thats done, wait until he's close enough, then use your Hookshot to hit him. If he falls or comes near you try and use your sword, it doesn't always work.

Boss #8: Hot Head
Type: Flame
Items Required: Rapid Spin by Magic Rod
Defeating: The only way to damage him is to get a rapid spin attack from your Magic Rod. Sometimes he'll jump back into the lava. This means he'll get some of his life back! Make sure about all of your attacks are rapid.

Boss #9: Dethl
Type: Dark Sorcerer
Items Required: Stratergies from previous bosses, Sword, Magic Powder, Pegasus Boots, Roc's Feather, and Bow and Arrow

Big Blob: Throw magic powder over him 3 times.

Aganhim: Hit back lightning bolts with your sword. Dodge anything else.

Moldorm: Hit its tail a few times.

Ganon: Hit him with your sword and charge attack him.

Lanmola: Line up your Bow and Arrow and shoot it. If you run out of arrows use your Hookshot.

Dethl: Keep jumping over its arm like things. Then shoot its eye when it opens. Repeat to finish him off.