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Hero's Clothes
These are a pair of clothes that Link's Grandma has made for his birthday.  These legendary clothes have been modeled after the Hero of Time and fit Link suitably.  Link will receive this clothes at the start of his quest.

Hero's Sword
This is Link's first attainable sword that he finds in a deep and dark chest.  Link learns to fight with this sword and it b comes very handy early in his adventure.

Master Sword
The legendary sword which is the weapon that holds the power to defeat evil's bane.  The sword has been sleeping for a century and has lost most of its power.  This sword, while still very strong, does not yet hold the power within to slay evil...

Master Sword
The Master Sword with its full power regained and in Link's hands.  This sword is the most powerful weapon in Hyrule and holds the key to stopping the horrible evil that wants to own the vast seas and take over Hyrule.  This sword is Hyrule's last hope.

Hero's Shield
This shield was made to honor the great Hero of Time that was spoke of long ago.  The Hero Shield now rests on Outset Island on Link's mantle.  No one now knows the importance of this design of shield since the legend has been forgotten.

Mirror Shield
A powerful shield that has the ability to reflect light with glimmering front.  This shield will lead Link to success as it can block more projectiles than before.  Use the R trigger to raise your shield and tilt the analog stick in the direction you wish to center the light towards.

This Wallet is the storage place of all of Link's Rupees that he collects during his adventure.   This wallet can be upgraded from carrying 200 rupees to 1000, and then to 5000!

Pirate's Charm
A magical stone that the pirate Tetra wears around her neck.  Before Link was sent to the Forsaken Fortress, she slipped this on his neck to communicate with him telepathically.  If you see the A button flash and feel your controller rumble, press A to talk to Tetra. 

Bomb Bag
This bag is essential for Link, as it holds his explosives inside.  Until you gain this bag and are able to carry Bombs in your inventory, you must use Bomb Flowers.  This bag can be upgraded from carrying thirty Bombs to sixty, and then ninety-nine!

This Quiver will be obtained the same time that Link receives his Hero Bow from the Tower of the Gods.  This Quiver will hold all of his arrows throughout his adventure.  Just like the Bomb Bag, it can be upgraded from holding thirty Arrows to sixty, and then ninety-nine!

Power Bracelets
These legendary arm bands hold the power of great strength and vigor.  When Link puts these on both wrists, he has the power to life heavy boulders that he could not lift before.  The power bracelets can be obtained on Fire Island, an erupting volcano that emits immense heat.

Inventory Items

This item is given to Link by his younger sister, Aryll for his birthday.  Link promised Aryll that he would only use it for one day, but after some recent happenings, he will be stuck with it for awhile.  Use the analogue stick to look around and the C stick to zoom in and out.

A sail for the King of Red Lions, as he does not have one at his dispense.  The sail can be bought by a local merchant in Windfall Island that sells rare items.  The sail allows Link to travel in the direction of the wind.  

The Wind Waker
A legendary wand that holds the divine power of the Gods.  This legendary item was made to conduct melodies for the Gods and has now fallen into the hands of the new hero.  Use the C stick to wave the baton and the analog stick to control the time signature.

A small and rather useful device that Link obtains early on in his adventure.  If you connect your GBA to the controller ports 2, 3 or 4 you can use this item to connect your friend to the adventure..  This will aid you on your quest by providing you information, maps an hints.

Picto Box
A snazzy camera that can store up to three black and white pictures taken at once.  This camera once belonged to the great photographer Genzo, but has been stolen.  You can recover this in the maze in Tingle's cell on Windfall Island.  To switch between the view and capture mode, press the R trigger.

Deluxe Picto Box
A deluxe model of the ever-so-popular Picto Box.  This camera can take beautiful color photos and can store up the three pictures as well.  This camera can be obtained from Genzo after a short quest and is automatically in your inventory at the beginning of the second quest.

Grappling Hook
A durable contraption that was developed by the Rito Tribe before they evolved wings.  When a star appears, you can use the target to hook onto and swing to the selected place.  Use the analogue stick to swing up and down and the R trigger to make you stop swinging.  When stopped, you can climb up and down the rope or change the direction in which you are swinging.  When used on your ship, it can double as an anchor to pick up sunken treasures.

Deku Leaf
A very strong and durable leaf from the branches from the Great Deku Tree.  When used on ground, it will blow gusts of wind with it's power.  If used in midair, it will allow you to soar through the skies while consuming magic power.  However, when in mid-air, make sure the wind is facing the correct direction before you depart.

A great weapon crafted long ago that has the ability to return to you when thrown.  Once you have targeted something, a star will appear above it, allowing you to hit five targets before the Boomerang returns.  This item will come in handy in many tight situations.

A round capsule with a powerful blasts stored inside.  Since these are so expensive at the only Bomb Shop in the world, Link will have to attain these from Pirates.  Place them near cracked walls or boulders to create a hole in which to climb through.  When used on your ship, it becomes a cannon that you can fire while stationary.

Hero's Bow
A legendary weapon used for long ranged attacks.  This is the same bow used by the Hero of Time.  Press and hold A to pull back an arrow and release to send it flying.  If you have obtained special elemental arrows, you can push the R trigger to cycle through the different types of arrows.
Fire & Ice Arrows
These legendary arrows are the same arrows used by the Hero of Time and hold the power to melt the coldest ice and freeze the hottest fire.  These arrows will be given to Link by a Great Fairy that is only accessible with the Ballad of Gales.  These will be a necessity to Link's quest.
Light Arrow
These arrows are the same weapon used to defeat Ganonone hundred years ago, and they say time repeats itself.  This is the most powerful arrow and holds the magic power to defeat Ganon once and for all.

Skull Hammer
A heavy and powerful hammer crafted from dead bones and evil monsters.  This hammer can be used in many ways, Link can slam down switches that he could not before, even with his body weight.  Some enemies can only be defeated with the Skull Hammer.

Iron Boots
The legendary, sturdy, heavy, and yet rather old-looking boots.  This boots are made of the finest iron and when equipped, will plant your feet on the ground so not even the strongest winds will blow you away.  These boots can be obtained on Ice Island, which is the coldest place on the open sea.

A clever device that hooks onto Link's arm.  By releasing a switch, you can send this hook flying into an object while a chain will then pull you towards it.  A yellow star will appear when that target is hookable, but you can only target one thing at a time.  Release the button at the target to fire the chain.

Hero's Charm
This magical pendant will reveal to Link how much life an enemy has when it is equipped.  This becomes very useful in many situations in dungeons.  This can be obtained by giving the school teacher on Windfall Island forty Joy Pendants.

Magic Armor
This magical item will make you invincible to all harm.  However, this drains your magic meter really fast, so you must use sparingly.
This can be obtained in the trading sequence and will be most useful in your quest.


Spoils Bag
This nifty bag can hold up to eight different items that are dropped by enemies.  Access this bag from the menu so you can equip any of the spoils you have collected throughout your adventures.  Even the most useless of items will be sought out by someone.
Knight's Crest
These crest are often found in dungeons and dropped by Iron Knuckles and other knights.  When Link obtains ten of these, return them to Orca on Outset Island for a gift.
Joy Pendant
A beautiful piece of jewelry that is often dropped by enemies.  You can keep these in your spoils bag and will be coming in handy later in Link's Adventure.
Skull Necklace
This necklace is almost worthless unless seen by someone who appreciates them.  These necklaces are dropped by Moblins throughout the seas.
Bokobaba Seed
This is the source of the evil plants' power and can be obtained by Bokobabas.  You can store these in your spoil bag and it is said that someone in the Forrest has the power to put these seeds to good use.
Golden Feathers
These feathers are often dropped by creatures called Kagorocs and can be kept in your Spoils Bag.  Many say that women with wings aspire to own these feathers and often become weak in the knees when they see one.
Red Chu Jelly
This mysterious berry is filled with juices that hold the ingredient to strengthen magic power.  This jelly is dropped by Chu Chus and if brought to the Jelly Shop on Windfall Island, the owner can make Link potions to put into an Empty Bottle.
Green Chu Jelly
This mysterious berry is filled with juices that hold the ingredient to strengthen magic power.  This jelly is dropped by Chu Chus and if brought to the Jelly Shop on Windfall Island, the owner can make Link potions to put into an Empty Bottle.
Blue Chu Jelly
This mysterious berry is filled with juices that hold the ingredient to strengthen magic power.  This jelly is dropped by Chu Chus and if brought to the Jelly Shop on Windfall Island, the owner can make Link potions to put into an Empty Bottle.

Bait Bag
This sack can hold up to eight pieces of animal feed.  This special bag can be bought from Beedle, the traveling merchant that is seen throughout the world map.  Access the bag from the menu to equip the bait you have stored in there.
All-Purpose Bait
This bait can be used on enemies and several animals to draw them nearer.  The main purpose of this bait however, is to feed it to Fishman so you can persuade him to draw parts of your map and give you information.
Hyoi Pear
You can control seagulls with this delicious fruit that is sold by the one and only Beedle.  You can store this in your Bait Bag and if Link places this fruit on his head as bait, a seagull with become under his control for as long as he wants.

Delivery Bag
A small, yet handy bag that can hold up to eight letters you have collected from people around the world.  All of these letters must be delivered to the people they are written to.  Access the bag from the menu to equip any of the letters you have stored inside.
Many times during your adventures you will be asked to deliver letters to various people across the seas.  Once you have one to give to someone, simply equip it and present it to the person.
Flowers and Decorations
During a trading sequence, a few Decorations and Flowers should be placed around the entire island of Windfall.  All of these will be stored in your Delivery Bag until you plant them and place them in pots and planters.
Cabana Deed
This is a deed to a luxurious house that is located on the Private Oasis.  Link will obtain this deed if he brings the school teacher at Windfall Island twenty Joy Pendants.  Links new home will have a few treasures and places to explore.
Complimentary ID
This is given to you be Beedle the merchant after you buy thirty items and accumulate thirty points.  It doesn't have much use, it is more like a Thank-You card.
Fill-Up Coupon
When you accumulate sixty points at Beedle's Shop he will present you with this.  You can use this to fill up and replenish basically everything in your inventory.


Piece of Heart
Pieces of Heart can be found all across the seas, from caverns to deep underwater.  One piece is useless, but if Link finds a total of four pieces, they will combine to form a Heart Container.

Heart Container
Heart Containers will add hearts to your life meter, letting Link survive for longer.  Heart Containers can be found after boss battles, or by finding four Pieces of Heart.  These are essential to Link's survival during his quest.

Sea Chart
The Sea Chart is the entire map of the world.  However, when Link receives this chart, it is completely blank.  Only by traveling to every spot on the map will allow him to fill in the rest of the map.

Treasure Chart
Treasure Charts are found in dungeons, temples, caves and even islands.  These charts mark the whereabouts to all the sunken treasures of Hyrule.  There are many charts that are scattered around the world, and if you want to hunt down all the treasure, you must find them all.

Ghost Ship Chart
This chart reveals the location of the Ghost Ship and what time of the day it will appear there.  This is essential to locating the Ghost Ship and recovering its treasure.

In-Credible Chart
This grand chart will tell you where to find all the Triforce Charts and Triforce Shards that inhabit the sea.  This is a very important chart at the end of the game, so be sure to check your mailbox!

Triforce Chart
These charts are ancient and are not legible any more.  They used to reveal the hidden spot of all the Triforce shards, but they cannot be read.  If you only could get a calligrapher to decipher these ancient charts you would be able to read them.

Din's Pearl
This legendary pearl was created with the power of the Triforce of Power's God, Din.  This pearl has an awesome power that is foreign to this world.  When all three pearls are collected, the truth to the hero will be revealed.

Farore's Pearl
This legendary pearl was created with the power of the Triforce of Courage's God, Farore.  This pearl has an awesome power that is foreign to this world.  When all three pearls are collected, the truth to the hero will be revealed.

Nayru's Pearl
This legendary pearl was created with the power of the Triforce of Wisdom's God, Nayru.  This pearl has an awesome power that is foreign to this world.  When all three pearls are collected, the truth to the hero will be revealed.

Triforce Shard
Late in Link's quest, he must collect the scattered eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom.  The shards are underwater and are on opposite ends of the sea.  This will be a final test to dub him the true Hero.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map
In every dungeon across the seas you will receive a map of the entire layout.  This map will prove very helpful by allowing you to see the different floors and rooms of the Dungeon or Temple.

Dungeon Compass
A handy item that can be found in every dungeon across the seas.  This compass will show you where treasure chests are located on the Dungeon Map.  In addition, it will reveal to you where the dungeon boss is located.

Small Key
Many keys are scattered around the dungeons and temples that are the methods of opening locked doors inside that labyrinth.  Keys are usually found in treasure chests and are near the actual locked door.

Boss Key
This is the key to the boss's lair inside the many dungeons and temples across the seas..  Once you obtain this key you will be able to open the lock and fight the boss of the labyrinth.  This is most likely the last treasure you will receive inside a dungeon and will be placed inside an elaborate chest.

Rupees are the currency of Hyrule, and they are used in shops across the seas.  Link will obtain rupees after defeating enemies, opening chest and scurrying through bushes.  Use these sparingly, for you are bound to run out sometime.

Boko Stick
These sticks are a great torch and can be used as a primitive weapon.  Bokoblins sometimes carry this as a weapon but Bokobabas will always drop these as they are their stem.  These sticks will come in handy more than once during your adventure.

Enemy Weapons
Some enemies will often hold weapons varying from swords, broadswords to clubs.  Once you have defeated the enemy or caused enough damage to knock it off its feet, it will drop its weapon.  Link can then pick it up and swing it or even throw it.


Empty Bottle
A whole inventory of different things can be stored inside an Empty Bottle.  Link can receive up to four bottles during his quest to store things.

If Link sees a Fairy anytime during his adventure, he can capture in inside a bottle with one swipe.  A Fairy can regain Link's energy automatically when he dies, even if it isn't equipped.  Or you can simply let it go and use it manually.

Red Potion
This concoction can be obtained from the Jelly Shop on Windfall Island.  This colored potion has the ability to regain life power.

Green Potion
This concoction can be obtained from the Jelly Shop on Windfall Island.  This colored potion has the ability to regain magic power.

Blue Potion
This concoction can be obtained from the Jelly Shop on Windfall Island.  This colored potion has the ability to regain life and magic power.

Water from any part of the world can be stored into a bottle for later use.  This can be used to put out small fires and water plants.

Forest Water
Magical water that can only be found in the Forest Haven.  This water can only be used to water seedlings of the Great Deku Tree across the seas.  

This small and pretty creatures are found in the Forest Haven and are to be used in a quest to get the Deluxe Picto Box.

Elixir Soup
A very special recipe that is a very powerful potion.  This soup has the ability to regain all life and magic power while doubling the attack power of Link until he gets hit.  Each bottle hold two servings.