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-----Common Items-----


Wood Arrow These are obviously arrows, you can usually find them in side of rocks, pots, grass etc. These are fired from your heros bow


Fairies These are obviously fairies they restore upto 8 hearts of life if you touch them, or you can save them in a bottle and they resurrect you from the point of death. Handy.....


Recovery Heart These replenish your heart meter each one fills one heart.


Rupee These are the currency of the game, they are color coded; Green - 1, Blue - 5, Yellow - 10, Red - 20, Purple - 50, Orange - 100, and Silver - 200. Depending on the size of your wallet, the more you can carry. They seem to be a consistant form of currency as their value doesn't seem to diminish and they are in the main titles, spanning across many years.


Seeds These are the ammo for your slingshot, you can get them when you smash pumpkins or defeating the deku baba, you might have to break a few Deku nuts though.

-----Collectible Items-----