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Questions Answers
What time does Romani go to bed? 8 o'clock
What time does Romani wake up? 6 o'clock
How many levels will the festival tower be at the end? 4
What is Tingle's spell? "Tingle, Tingleā€¦" Kooloo-Limpah
What tribe does Darmani belong to? Goron
Which weapon does Romani practice with? Bow
How many balloons does Romani use for practicing? 1
What tribe does Mikau Belong to? Zora
What kind of instrument does the Skull kid use? Flute
What is the name of the song Romani teaches Link? Epona's Song
What is Anju's habit? Apologize right away
What is Anju's non-favorite thing to do? Cooking
How old is Tingle? 35
Is Tingle left-handed or Right-Handed? Right-Handed
How many posts are there in Clock Town? 5
How many cows are there in Romani Ranch? 3
How many cow statues are there in Clock Town? 10
What is the name of the lead singer of the Zora Band? Lulu
How many chickens are there in the cow shack? 1
How many people are there in the Zora band? 6
What is the name of the Vintage Milk? Chataeu Romani
What is the nickname for Link at Romani Ranch? Grasshopper
What is the name of the festival in Clock Town? Carnival of Time
What does the bomb shop owner call her mother? Mama
What is the name of Clock Town's mayor? Dotour
What is the name of Anju's father? Tortus
What is the name of the Bombers' leader? Jim
What color are Tingles pants? Red
Where does Cremia take the milk bottles? Milk Bar
What is the name of the hotel in Clock Town? Stock Pot Inn