Zelda Cavern Forums

Armos - Armos are inanimate until they are touched. They have two speeds. Slow or Fast. There could be secret entrances or even ITEMS under them. You can stun them with a boomerang.

Darknuts - Attack these beasties from the rear. They wield large shields and can't be attacked from the front.

Ghini - These are spooky ghosts. You can only kill them by killing the one that was already in the graveyard. More appear from touching tombstones.

Gibdos - These suckers are tough. In Ocarina of Time they used to hump your face remember.....Anyways. Hit them and run away. Keep hitting until they are dead.

Goriya - Bait attracts these beasties. They are one of two colors: Red - Short range boomerang, Blue - full screen boomerang.

Keese - These are bats that can be killed easily and effectively with either your sword or boomerang.

Lanmolas - Centipedes of two varieties. Blue and Red (just a speed difference) Slash and hit until they are dead.

Leevers - These come out of the ground and hit you. Kill them with your sword.

Like Like - Kill them with your sword. If you dont....they will eat you and your shield.

Lynel - Lynel are centaurs. They are dangerous. Kill them with caution.

Moblins - Kill them with your sword

Moldorm - Easy monsters to kill

Octorocks - Block their rocks with your shield. Kill them with your sword.

Patra - Kill the small eyes before you kill the big eyes.

Peahat - You cannot attack these while they are flying. But make sure you attack once they stop moving. These are troublesome.

Pol's Voice - These can be beaten by sword hits or by a single arrow

Ropes - These are snakes, kill them with your sword.

Stalfos - Just beat these skeletons up with your sword.

Tektites - They jump, you can stun them and kill them with your sword.

Vire - Vires split into two keese when hit. Which can make it tricky. Kill with haste.

Wallmasters - Do not let these grab you. If they do you will be sent to the start of the dungeon. Stun them first. You can kill with your sword.

Wizzrobes - The orange ones teleport and the blue ones phase through walls. Use magic shield to deflect their attacks.

Zol - It splits into gels via being hit with a sword. Easy monster to beat.

Zora - Timing is key to kill this monster.