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Turn minish and go into them to mess with them. :p

Business Scrub:
Defect its rock back at him and he will sell you stuff.

Eyegore Statue:
Shoot this guy with an arrow in the eye to wake it up, hit it 3 more times in the eye to make him go boom. Simple.

Swiper no Swiping. They steal rupees. Better kill them and dont let PETA catch you....

Appears in various areas, such as caves. They are little to no threat, if just a minor annoyance. Slash them with your sword and watch them explode.

You can only find these while minish sized. They come out of the ground and are most common in the dirt. You can kill it by slashing its head.

Scissors Beetle:
These guys shoot their mandibles. The only way that you can beat them is hitting them from the backside.

You must be in minish size to encounter these beasties. They drop from the ceiling but you can easily see them coming as they leave a shadow on the ground.

Spiked Beetle:
Knock these beasties over and slash the soft underbelly of their shell with your sword to kill them. You fist encounter these guys in the second dungeon.

Spiny Chuchu:
These guys have spikes and you can only kill them when they are retracted. With the spikes out your slashes get deflected.

They grab you and suck you to death....(not a really bad way to go..erm).

The Gibdos humped your face in OoT.....these chase you and cause damage...alot of damage. And they take alot of hits to die. Use your flame lantern it does good damage.

Throw these guys into holes when they rol up into a ball. Sucks for them. eh?

They are electrical. Hit them with your boomerang to get a fairy.

Dark Nut:
After it swings its sword it is stationary for a short moment. Hit its backside.

Red Dark Nut:
Use bombs and stun them, then use your sword on its back.

Hide rather than run. They pick up speed and to massive damage if they touch you.

Rock Chuchu:
Break the rock, kill the Chuchu.....Simple

Hit them to kill them. They move at random so be careful.

Door Mimic:
These are falling doors....or imitating doors...Watch out for them though. Nintendo loves mimes.

Use your boomerang and chop the propellers. Kill these beasties.

Remove the mask with the gust jar, hit the exposed face. Or slash the rear. Your call.

Wall Master:
Hands from the heavens. Dont let these grab you. They take you back to the beginning of the dungeon. If you see the shadow the hand is soon to follow.

Floor Masters:
Creepy....they run on the floor and grab you to take you to the beginning of the dungeon. Kill with sword.

Kill them when they come out of the ground or knock the stack over by slashing it.
Hit them to activate, a second time to deactivate. They go boom if active.

These explode on contact. So run.

Like Like:
These gobble you and eat your shield. Kill them to get the shied back.

Rupee Like:
A Like-Like that steals rupees instead of shields. Kill with your sword.

Snakes that rush you. Kill with sword.

Ball & Chain Soldier:
When he throws his spikey-ball-chain at you. Rush him and slash at him to kill him.

Spiny Beetle:
Remove the camouflage, and kill them.

Spear Moblin:
Hit these from the side or back to kill them. As the spear protects the front.

Bow Moblin:
Easy to kill. Use your sword.

Cloud Piranha:
Hit them when they jump from theh clouds.

The blue ones spin, and the red ones charge. You can only encounter them as minish. Kill them with your sword.

You can only find these in Minish form. These are like Peahats. Kill them with your sword.

Suck at them with your gust jar. Then hit them with your sword. They can make sand and annoy you.

These guys.....*sigh*......they teleport while trying to hit you with magical blasts. So kill them quickly ok?

Fire Wizzrobe:
These Wizzrobes will burn you. So watch out for it. If you get burned you will run wildly around the room.

Ice Wizzrobe:
These Wizzrobes will freeze you. So watch out for it. If you get frozen just pust buttons to break the ice.

If they touch you, then you cant use your sword. Hit it with your boomerang to kill it.

These spit rocks at you, deflect them with your shield. Hit them with your sword to kill it.

Golden Octorok:
You can get this through the fusion of Kinstones. It is more powerful than the previous Octorok

Golden Tektite:
You can get this through the fusion of Kinstone. It is more powerful than the previous Tektite.

Golden Rope:
These snakes will attack you immediately.

Crow and Takkuri:
Crows...You know they like to steal money. Kill them with sword swipes.

Blow the clouds with the gust jar, and watch out for the electic infused balls they throw at you.

There are blue and red stalfos. The blue ones jump from you and the red ones chuck bones at you...Kill them with sword slashes.

Kill with sword, they find you anywhere and can slow you down by attaching to you. Press be to dislodge them beastie-tles.

Red and Green you can kill like normal just slash away. Blue ones stun first with your boomerang, then hack with sword to kill it.

Hit these arachnids whilst they are on the ground. They jump alot. You can find them on Mount Crenel.

Blue traps come for you when they see you so you should watch out. Green ones move around the room.

These guys pop out of the ground so keep an eye out.

Slash its face to stun it, and then slash the tail as much as possible. It should turn red and be alot more speedy, avoid it until blue. Repeat until dead.