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Magic Jar

Magic Jar Magic jars come in red and blue, and will restore your magic. The red jar will fill almost all of you magic, while the blue jar will only fill a small potion of magic. You can find them all around, and many enemies will drop them. It is important to remember to keep your magic meter as full as you can, because magic comes in handy later.

Treasure Bag

Treasure Bag Treasure bags will increase your experience points. These bags, like the magic jars, can be found in after killing enemies. These bags are not as abundant as the magic jars, but can still be found all over Hyrule, hidden in caves, hiding in the forest, or even under boulders.

Heart Container

Heart Container Heart containers are hidden throughout the land, and you can check out Heart Containers page for more information on their locations. Heart Containers will also heal you to full life when acquired, and will increase the gauge permanently.

Magic Container

Magic Container Just like Heart containers, Link starts his quest with four magic containers. Upon his quest, he can come across another four, which are hidden throughout Hyrule.


Doll This doll grants you an extra life incase you meet you demise. In total there are only five of these dolls scattered throughout Hyrule. Make sure you to get these dolls at the right time, and do not take them for granted because as stated before there are only five of them.


Candle The candle will allow you to see in previously dark places. This Candle will illuminate even the darkest of caves. You will find the candle in Parapa Palace.


Hammer The Hammer is used for breaking rocks and to knock down certain trees, and You find it at the end of the Death Mountain Maze. Once you have the hammer, you can access previously blocked areas that where blocked by giant boulders.

Handy Glove

Handy Glove This glove gives you the power to break through stone blocks in Palaces with your sword, which makes the journey to the Great Palace much easier. This Gloves are also useful to search blocks for Treasure Bags and Magic Jars!


Raft The raft is found in the Island temple, and is quite the aid in Link’s quest. When Link gets the raft, he will finally be able cross large bodies of water, which will come in handy when you have to go to Eastern Hyrule.


Boots With these boots, Link can walk over some small lakes and rivers, allowing him to reach secrets and many new areas.


Flute This Flute was crafted many years ago and sealed away to protect its magic. When Link plays this Flute, he will unlock the mysterious music of Hyrule. Some enemies are so large and dangerous they can only be defeated by playing the Flute’s melody. Without this flute, Link will never be able to complete his quest.

Magical Key

Magical Key The magic key allows Link to open as many locked doors as you want. You will get this later in your journey, but it still makes things much easier. This magic key was said to be used by a legendary hero long ago.


Cross The Cross grants Link the power to be able to see enemies which you normally can not. With this Link will be able to see the demon Moa of Eastern Hyrule. This Cross is hard to find because it is buried deep within the Hidden Three-Eyed palace.