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Original Release Dates:

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
November 21, 1991
April 13, 1992
November 24, 1992


Aeons ago, the deities of power, courage, and wisdom descended to the world of chaos. They created the world that we know and left behind a symbl of their strength, the golden emblem known as the Triforce, which they hid in the Golden Land.

After many years, an opening was found that led from our fair Hyrule to the Golden Land, where the mystical Triforce was still hidden. Many sought treasure in this place, but none returned--only beings of great evil emerged from the Golden Land.

The King of Hyrule gathered the seven Sages to find a way to seal the entrance to the Golden Land so that his kingdom would be safe from the evil there. The Sages succeeded and brought peace again to Hyrule. However, strange things have been happening in Hyrule since the appearance of Agahnim, a mysterious sorcerer who gained fame for extinguishing a devastaing blaze of unknown origin some years ago.

And now...

One night, a girl's voice wakes you from sleep. "Help me... my name is Zelda... I am in the castle dungeon." Not knowing if the voice was a dream or reality you step into the rain and forbidding darkness...and the legend of Zelda begins.