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Smith's Sword This is the first sword you get, and you get it right after the game has started. It is meant for the winner of the annual Picori Festival fighting competition. It is a solid sword forged by your grandfather, and although not the strongest sword you will lay your hands on, he is afterall the finest smithy Hyrule has ever known, and that says something about the quality of the sword.
Broken Picori Blade A magical and very reputable sword, which was used by the Legendary Picori when they restored peace to Hyrule. It is your task to get the blade reforged, and have its powers restored so that you can free Zelda of the spell cast upon her. You get it after your meeting with the King.
White Sword Once you get the Broken Picori Blade reforged at Mount Crenel, it will turn into the White Sword, and you can start using it! This blade is almost twice as strong as the sword your grandfather made.
Two Element White Sword As soon as you infuse the White Sword with the power of the first two elements, Earth and Fire, it will be filled with magic powers for you to use to duplicate yourself.
Three Element White Sword With the power of the Water Element added into the White Sword, it will become even stronger, both in physical and magical powers. Now you can make two copies of yourself, instead of just one.
Four Sword Infused with the power of all four elements, the re-forged Picori Blade will become the legendary Four Sword! It has immense magic powers, and can break curses of evil when its beams hit it, as well as let Link turn into four Links!

Small Shield This is your basic shield, and the one you will use through most of your quest. It is given to you by Princess Zelda at the festival in the very beginning of your adventure.
Mirror Shield This shield can protect you from any enemy attack. You get it from Big Goron after he accidently turns your Small Shield into this one, when he is eating your Small Shield.

Gust Jar You get this in the very first dungeon. It can be particulary handy against airborne enemies, as you can suck them into the jar, and then fire them at other enemies, taking two enemies out at once! Also good to have when you need to clean up the ground.
Bombs You use the bombs to blow up cracked walls, floors and dangerous enemies. You get the bombs in the first Minish house to the south when you are out of the village, leaving through Minish Elder's house.
Remote Bombs You can set them off remotly when you want. Fuse a Kinstone with the Minish Elder in the village in the Minish Forest, and go back to where you first got your bombs to get these new and improved ones.
Cane of Pacci Cane of Pacci can be used to defeat enemies from a distance, turn over pots, and when you fire with the cane at a hole in the ground, energy will be stored allowing you to launch out of the hole allowing you to jump much higher than you normally would! You get it in the second dungeon.
Boomerang The Boomerang can be purchases it at the shop in Hyrule Town for 300 rupees. You don't have to get this, you can get a better one by fusing keystones with the forum tingles.
Magical Boomerang You can get this upgraded boomerang by fusing Kinstones with Tingle and his four brothers. It has the same abilities as the regular one, only it goes farther and faster.
Pegasus Boots With these boots Link will be able to run faster. They are need to get through the swamp. You get them from the shoemaker in Hyrule Town.
Bow and Arrows Found in Castor Wilds, the bow and arrow can be used to kill enemies for a distance instead of getting up close. If you run out of arrows you will need to find more to use again.
Mole Mitts You get Mole Mitts in the third dungeon. These gloves allow you to dig through the yellow dirt in many place around Hyrule.
Ocarina of Wind The Ocarina of Wind was created by the Wind People, and will allow you quickly move from one point to another. You can only be carried to the special points, which are where you find those statues that blow up. You get this after you finish the third dungeon.
Flame Lantern You get this in the fourth dungeon. With this you can light previously dark rooms.
Roc's Cape You get this in the fifth dungeon. This allows Link to jump and glid for a short period of time.
Bottles There are four bottles to be found in the game, and can be used to store fairies, potions, food, water and everything else that can be stored in a bottle. View the Bottle Guide here.

Grip Ring Found in Mount Crenel, this ring will give Link the ability to climb those walls, an ability he will need in order to get to the top of the mountain, and proceed in his adventure.
Flippers To get the Flippers, you need to return all the missing books in the Hyrule Town Library, and then go see the old Minish living there, who will guide you to them. With them Link will be able to swim.
Power Bracelets The Power Bracelets will increase Link's strength as a Minish, and he'll be able to lift and push things he hardly could move normal sized before. You will get the bracelets in your search for the three missing books in Hyrule Town's Library.
Mysterious Shells Use the Mysterious Shells to pay for the figurines at the south-western corner of Hyrule Town. You will need quite a few to get all the figurines, but thankfully the shells can be found almost anywhere. There is also possible to buy a potion in Hyrule Castle Town which will double the frequency of shells appearing when you slash bushes, grass and enemies for a short while.
Tiger Scrolls Tiger Scrolls are used for taking down all the different fighting techniques you learn from the trainers around in Hyrule. Should you ever forget how to do a technique, just look it up in the Tiger Scroll.
Maps You will become across two different types of maps during your adventure, the World Map which is a large, yet detailed map of Hyrule. This map will be given to you on the start of your quest, and you will need to visit a certain area to get it on the map. The other map is the Dungeon Map, which shows you details of a specific dungeon, and these are found in their dungeons.
Keys You use the keys to open locked doors. The small keys are used for "normal" doors in the dungeon they were found in and the big key is the only key which leads to the final boss of a dungeon. The graveyard key is given to you by Dampé the Gravekeeper, and is needed to gain access to the graveyard.
Hearts & Heartpieces These are crucial in your quest, as you need them to replenish your life gauge. Hearts can be found all over Hyrule by cutting grass and breaking stones, while the Heartpieces, which will add an extra heart to your life gauge when you collect four of them, are hidden in special places.
Kinstone Bag Once you have completed the first dungeon, and go back to Hyrule Town, you will get this bag in which you keep all of your Kinstones. The Kinstones you find are only halves, so you must find people who have another matching half and fuse it with. This means good luck, and something good will surely happen when you do this!
The Kinstones come in four different colors, and of each colour you will find three different shaped halves, except for the Gold pieces which comee in even more different shapes!
Four Elements Only with the Four Elements can Link restore the Picori blade to its full power, and hope to break the curse thrown on Princess Zelda and rescue the Land of Hyrule from the evil that threatens its very existence as the people know it!