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Armos Knight

Armos Knight As soon as Link enters the room, six Armos Knights will start to jump around the room in several different formations. Link can attack the Armos Knights with his Sword, but it will take a some work to destroy the Armos Knights because it will take sixteen hits or eight spin attacks just to defeat one Knight. However, Link can use the Bow, which only takes three arrows to defeat a single Knight. Once Link defeats the fifth Armos Knight, the last Armos Knight will turn red and start hopping, trying to stomp on Link. Once the last Armos Knight is defeated, he will be rewarded with a Heart Container and the Pendant of Courage.


Lanmola When Link first enters the room he will see three Lanmolas break through the sandy floor and shoot rocks in four different directions, easily avoided. The only vulnerablity the Lanmola has is it's head. Link will be able to see where the Lanmolas are going to break ground at by looking for the areas on the ground tha turn darker and rocky. It will take Link about six hits with the sword to defeat each Lanmola. Once two of the Lanmolas are defeated, the third Lanmola will shoot out rocks in eight different directions instead of four. When the last Lanmolais defeated, he will be rewarded with a Heart Container and the Pendant of Power.


Moldorm This fight begins with Moldorm moving quickly around the room in different directions. Moldorm's tail is it's only weak spot and can be difficult to get to. To defeat Moldorm, Link needs to hit Moldorm on the tail six times with the Sword. However, if he falls down any of the pits, he will have to climb back up and start the battle over again. Be careful not to get hit or be touched by Moldorm's head because Link will bounce back and possibly fall into the pit. After Link has hit Moldorm's tail four times, it will begin to move much faster than usual, which makes it even harder to hit his tail. Once Link defeats Moldorm, he will be rewarded with another Heart Container and the Pendant of Wisdom.


Agahnim Agahnim will teleport around the room, and cast a spells. Agahnim has powerful magics that protect him from physical harm. Agahnim has a couple different spells that he use, based on fire, ice, and lightning. His fire spell is a giant fireball that he sends in your direction, the ice spell looks like six small ice crystals,and his lightning spell is a devastating attack of lightning bolts. When he goes to cast a spell, he will always move to the top of the room, and face the door below. When he does this, get out of the way and move to the side. To deal damage to Agahnim, wait till he casts the fire spell, swing your Master Sword at just the right time, and send the blast back at him. Link can not return his lightning spell, and his sword will causes the ice spell to shatter. It will take a few fireballs, but he will soon stop the fight, and will not allow you to defeat him. With the little energy that he has remaining, he will curse you to the Dark World. Second Fight(Later in the game before Ganon) This time around, in exchange for his lightning magic, he will duplicate himself, and send two clones of himself around the room. All three Agahnims will attack you at once, although the solid looking Agahnim is the only one that is vulnerable. Keep your eye on the solid Agahnim, and be sure to swing at the fireball that he or the Agahnim clones send at you. Remember that if you strike the ice attack, it splits into pieces.

Helmasaur King

Helmasaur King Link must first use the hammer to remove the mask from the Helmasaur King. The Helmasaur King will fire three fireballs, and each will split into four. Once its mask is off, the Helmasaur King will reveal a green jewel looking thing on its head, which Link must hit with Arrows. Its attacks don't really change but it will start to move a bit quicker, making it harder to hit. After about seven hits with arrows on the green jewel, you will defeat the Helmasaur King.


Arrghus Arrghus' body is protected by small Arrgi that float around it. Link must use the Hookshot to pull one of the Arrgi away from the boss and attack them with the sword. Repeat this process until all of the Arrgi have been defeated. During the second phase, Arrghus will jump into the air and off screen. Upon landing, the water splashed will damage Link if he comes into contact with it. After landing, Arrghus will move around the room. This is when he is vulnerable to strikes from his sworn.


Mothula Once Link drops down into where Mothula resides, the mechanical floor will start to move which is surrounded by Blade Traps, that start to slide across the room. Mothula will attack Link by shooting out lasers that come in groups of three while trying to ram into him. Link can attack Mothula by using his Sword, but the most effective way is to use the Fire Rod that you got earlier in the dungeon. However, the Fire Rod uses a lot of magic power, so Link should either bring Green or Blue Potions to restore his magic..


Blind Blind will hover around either the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen, alternating, and shoot laser beams at Link. His head is the weak point and can be damaged with the sword. After a few sword hits, his head will split from his body and float around the room shooting beams at Link. A new head will grow from Blind's body and the battle will continue as normal, except with the original head flying around the room shooting beams. After taking more damage, the second head will split like the first one, and a third head will appear on Blind's body. After a few more sword strikes, Blind will be defeated.


Kholdstare The first paqrt of the battle will have Kholdstare in a block of ice while making ice fall from the ceiling. To melt the ice, use the Fire Rod on him around seven or eight times, or you can use the Bombos Medallion a once to melt the ice. Once he is exposed, he will split into three eyes moving around the room. The sword is easier, but the Fire Rod is more affective against them. Magic shouldn't be an issue in this fight if you brought a Green Potion with you, and you have gotten the magic upgrade from Kakariko Village.


Vitreous Vitreous has several small eyeballs protecting it, and it will send the small eyeballs to attack Link. The best way to kill these eyeballs is to attack them with your sword or shoot them with arrows. Once all but four eyeballs are defeated, Vitreous will come out of its swamp and bounce around the room trying to attack Link. Run around in circles to avoid it while attacking it with your sword or shooting arrows at it.


Trinexx In the first phase of this fight, Link must attack the fire and ice heads that come out of Trinexx's body. These heads spit fire and ice respectively, and Link will have to use the Fire Rod to stun the ice head so Link can attack it with his sword, and the Ice Rod to stun the fire head. Watch out for the central head, as that can extend out to damage you. It is recommended that you bring a blue potion or a green potion to this battle.
In the second phase, after the fire and ice heads have been defeated, Trinexx will turn into a snake like creature with a flashing segment. In this phase Trinexx will mostly just follow you around. After a few slashes at that segment, Trinexx will be defeated


Ganon Ganon has to basic attacks that he will use, with his Trident and then with his Blazing Bats. He will also jump up and smash down to the ground, which will cause the edges of the floor to break away so try to stay toward the middle. Link will have to light both of the lanterns at the bottom of the room with either the Lamp or Fire Rod to break Ganon's Darkness. When Ganon appears, strike him with the Sword until he will turn blue and freeze for a second. This is Link chance shoot Ganon with a Silver Arrow. Link will have to be quick or Ganon will unfreeze and he will have to get him to freeze again. Repeat this process until Link has hit Ganon four times with a Silver Arrows and he will be defeated.