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Parapa Desert

Parapa Desert From Parapa Palace head South. You will pass a side scrolling scene where you will have to avoid some bubbles and jump from ledge to ledge. Next, You will come upon a small forest area. From here, head to the center of the hedges to the grass area, and you will encounter an Orange Goriya. Once you defeat him, you will gain the first heart container.

Midoro Swamp

Midoro Swamp After getting the Hammer, head back toward the swamp where the second palace was located, and follow the road East until you find yourself blocked by a boulder. From here, head North following the road until you see a boulder to the East blocking a cave. Break the boulder and follow the cave to find the second heart container.

The Water Palace

The Water Palace Once you have the boots so you can walk on water, and head toward The Water Palace, and as you are walking across the water, about half way, head North. Now, head to the East, and you will find a side scrolling scene with the third heart container.

East of Three-Eye Rock

East of Three-Eye Rock Go to the rocks of the Hidden Three-Eyed Palace, line up with the rock and walk east until you hit the water. Walk on the beach to the NE and you find the last heart.