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Magic Jar #1

Magic Jar #1 You will need the Candle from Parapa Palace to get this jar. There are enemies inside and you can not see them if you do not have it. Just southwest of North Castle is a cave, and you reach the end you'll find Magic Jar #1.

Magic Jar #2

Magic Jar #2 Once you get the Hammer, come out of the hole you got it, look to your left, and you see see a boulder that is breakable with your new Hammer. Break it, jump down the hole, and you will fall down next to Magic Jar #2.

Magic Jar #3

Magic Jar #3 While exploring Maze Island, you will eventually fall down an invisible hole on the western side of the island. Once at the bottom, you will find Magic Jar #3.

Magic Jar #4

Magic Jar #4 Make your way to the Town of Kasuto, a town that resides in a small forest after going through a cave in Eastern Hyrule. Once you are in the town, talk to the old lady in a blue dress, and you then follow her into her house and go into the basement where you will find Magic Jar #4, the last Magic Jar.