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Gameplay: 8.5/10 Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 9/10 Storyline: 8.5/10

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap set a standard for future handheld Zelda games simply by being unique. The Minish Cap used upgrades Four Swords graphics, great sound, and great, smooth gameplay. A Link To The Past may have made the standard for 2D Zeldas, but The Minish Cap without a doubt perfected it. Smooth gameplay, great graphics, awesome sound, and a rad storyline. What else could you want in a Zelda game? The only things I didn't like about Minish Cap were that sometimes the sound felt like it didn't fit in with the game, the gameplay sometimes made boss battles harder, and made you want to take a hammer to your GBA/DS, and the story hinted at being both before Four Swords and after it as well. Besides that, this game is a must buy for ALL Zelda fans.