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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap starts like all the other Zelda games; a story of some kind. In this game, the story just happens to be of the prequel, Four Swords. It talks of a hero who takes up a sword and splits into four to take on the evil entity that is Vaati, and sealing him away. In Minish Cap, you start the game out by Princess Zelda, who has been your friend since you were little, taking you to the annual Picari Festival to celebrate the life of the Picari, or Minish, people. Soon after you return the Princess to the castle, tragedy strikes, as a mysterious sword fighter by the name of Vaati casts a spell over the princess which turns her to stone, and breaks the legendary Picari blade, the same used many years ago to seal the evil entity named Vaati away. (These two Vaati's combine, I guess. I dunno.) Link wakes up in a bed in the castle of Hyrule. You walk into a meeting where you are asked to find the Minish and get the Picari blade repaired. Link agrees, and heads off to find the village of the Picari. Link fights his way through four tough dungeons, getting the sacred Picari Elements, and powers the sword up until it is the Four Sword. At this time, he returns to Hyrule Castle and fight Vaati to seal him away for good.