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Breath of the Wild 2 : E3 2021
  Posted by Link - June 15, 2021

How does this trailer make you feel?

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
  Posted by Kaynil - September 09, 2020

Once again, out of nowhere, we were hit with a surprising video announcement. We are shown some scenes in the style of Breath of the Wild. except that these were NOT about the sequel game that Nintendo is working on, it turned out to be showing events during the time that we only have gotten small glimpses about thanks to the unlocked memories 100 years ago. The game then could serve as a sequel of Breath of the Wild, the catch is that this is not a Zelda game, it is a crossover game, the second Hyrule Warriors game.

That being said, we are reassured that this game will tell us the events that we couldn't see in BotW and that this time Nintendo is working really closely with Koei Tecmo to make sure this game stays close to BotW. From the footage we can see we will be able to use the other champions and Zelda.

What are your thoughts?

Spanish Podcast taken out-of-context by media
  Posted by Kaynil - July 06, 2020
Revali and Zelda Screenshot from Breath of the Wild cutscene where we can see Revali and Zelda.

I've you have come across new articles where saying that the Spanish voice actors of Breath of the Wild confirmed that their recording sessions were finished, you have been misinformed. The truth is that we do not exactly what level of progress the work on the sequel for Breath of the Wild has right now.

It's been over a year since we had any news on the sequel so unfortunately any droplets of information gets scrutinized. A podcast by the name "Un café con Nintendo" (A coffee with Nintendo) published a few days ago an special episode "Invitamos a un café a las voces españolas de Zelda y Revali" where they brought in two voice actors that worked with the Spanish dubbing of Breath of the Wild. Nerea Alfonso (Zelda) and Marcel Navarro (Revali) talk about their experiences in a very informal chat full of jokes and light-hearted comments. Such is the format their episodes seem to be handled.

The episode takes a bit more than an hour and both actors explain about the secrecy that Nintendo has regarding their roles where they are isolated and not revealed any information, so many do their lines without having any context. As expected, when asked things regarding the work on the sequel they joke about not remembering if they have recorded or not, and resorting to "maybe, maybe no" kind of responses. It seems that many outlets in their race to be the firsts, picked up the podcast without regard for the actors, nor for learning the context and verifying the information so news sites in other languages such as French and English picked it right up with clickbait titles and gross assumptions out of them.

For example, Marcel Navarro was invited because he was the voice of Revali in the first game, and the podcast itself has nothing to do with the sequel. It is an informal fan made podcast that this episode happened to have been able to invite two voice actors from a game they enjoyed but some people are stretching the fact that he talks about dubbing as a sure indication that Revali will appear in the sequel.

In another common misconception taking the actors' comments out of context, articles were published announcing the voice actors had ensured that they have wrapped up dubbing the second part to which they confidently declared that the sequel was on its final stages of development. Through their twitter @cafeconnintendo, they released a note in Spanish and in English to the different media where they mention to be surprised by the way the interview was covered and that they don't share the "anything goes" approach.

The more time we go without official statements from Nintendo the more we are going to be at risk of rumors and interview comments being taken out of context. Really, the only thing we know is that the game is being worked on and there's no say if we'll see it this year or sometime after. What matters is that the game is being developed and hopefully we'll get to enjoy a non-rushed game of quality, whenever it gets released.

Redid the website and forum's hosting package
  Posted by Link - April 27, 2020

There were some issues with my current hosting plan on my server. I had to nerf the ZC account and start from scratch. I did a full backup and reuploaded all the files and ssl certificates. Everything should be just as it was, IF you run into any issues please let us know on the forums.

Two possible new Wii U Ports this year
  Posted by Link - January 06, 2020

Due to information from a person named Emily Rogers (who has been known to leak Nintendo information that is fairly accurate). There is a rumor of two ports that are unannounced from the Wii U to be released on the Nintendo Switch this year. Speculation over which titles they can be are up for debate but fans of Zelda and myself included are hopeful that The Wind Waker and/or Twilight Princess will finally get its debut on the switch after getting an outstanding HD remaster on the undersold, and underappreciated Wii U console. The Wii U has sold poorly during its lifespan only selling a total of 13.5 million units. Though it had alot of great games, many of which have made their way to the Nintendo Switch all but a select few. There are plenty of people that never had the chance to pick up the HD remasters of these two Zelda games due to not owning a Wii U console. Doubtless alot of people would buy it (Twilight Princess) a second, or a third, or if you are like me....a fourth time just so they can own it on the modern generation of hardware.

Please Nintendo hear your fans out, release the game we all love and want, The Wind Waker.

Untitled BotW Sequel in development!
  Posted by Link - June 11, 2019

Today during Nintendos E3 showing we got a first look at the upcoming direct sequel to Breath of the Wild!

What do you think? How soon do you think we will get it. Let us know on the forums!

I was reviewing the video at home and from my screenshot it kindof resembles Majora's Mask..a tad bit. Just my thought....Any speculations?

Also it kind of resembles this symbol but with some extra flair....

Let us know what you think by posting what you think on the forums!

Website offline for the last 12 hours.
  Posted by Link - May 08, 2019

I was emailed by Kaynil around 8 o'clock central time this morning. She informed me that the website, forums and all other websites on our server were offline and were so for the last 11 hours. There was a mainboard/CPU failure and it resulted in the websites being offline. I had a long 18 hour work shift and I slept for 5, and came back to work....WITHOUT noticing we were offline. I will try harder next time to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I am sorry.