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Redid the website and forum's hosting package
  Posted by Link - April 28, 2020

There were some issues with my current hosting plan on my server. I had to nerf the ZC account and start from scratch. I did a full backup and reuploaded all the files and ssl certificates. Everything should be just as it was, IF you run into any issues please let us know on the forums.

Two possible new Wii U Ports this year
  Posted by Link - January 07, 2020

Due to information from a person named Emily Rogers (who has been known to leak Nintendo information that is fairly accurate). There is a rumor of two ports that are unannounced from the Wii U to be released on the Nintendo Switch this year. Speculation over which titles they can be are up for debate but fans of Zelda and myself included are hopeful that The Wind Waker and/or Twilight Princess will finally get its debut on the switch after getting an outstanding HD remaster on the undersold, and underappreciated Wii U console. The Wii U has sold poorly during its lifespan only selling a total of 13.5 million units. Though it had alot of great games, many of which have made their way to the Nintendo Switch all but a select few. There are plenty of people that never had the chance to pick up the HD remasters of these two Zelda games due to not owning a Wii U console. Doubtless alot of people would buy it (Twilight Princess) a second, or a third, or if you are like me....a fourth time just so they can own it on the modern generation of hardware.

Please Nintendo hear your fans out, release the game we all love and want, The Wind Waker.

Untitled BotW Sequel in development!
  Posted by Link - June 11, 2019

Today during Nintendos E3 showing we got a first look at the upcoming direct sequel to Breath of the Wild!

What do you think? How soon do you think we will get it. Let us know on the forums!

I was reviewing the video at home and from my screenshot it kindof resembles Majora's Mask..a tad bit. Just my thought....Any speculations?

Also it kind of resembles this symbol but with some extra flair....

Let us know what you think by posting what you think on the forums!

Website offline for the last 12 hours.
  Posted by Link - May 08, 2019

I was emailed by Kaynil around 8 o'clock central time this morning. She informed me that the website, forums and all other websites on our server were offline and were so for the last 11 hours. There was a mainboard/CPU failure and it resulted in the websites being offline. I had a long 18 hour work shift and I slept for 5, and came back to work....WITHOUT noticing we were offline. I will try harder next time to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I am sorry.

Breath of the Wild through Toy-Con VR Goggles
  Posted by Kaynil - April 10, 2019

Through Nintendo of America's Twitter, they announced quite a nice surprise: Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are getting updates to support the Nintendo Toy-Con VR Googles from The Nintendo Labo VR Kit.

The footage shows both games still in third person. It seems Mario's game is some extra missions, and Breath of the Wild seems like it is going to have a new option in the game settings you can tick to activate the VR mode. Now, before we get too excited, although there is a footnote saying "Prerendered cutscenes not compatible with VR" in the 50 second mark of the video as the Zelda footage begins, the video is still in third person and the warning just be that your VR won't work trying to watch this video footage. If that is the case, what we see is what we get and this will be theater mode and not a say, first person view through Link.

I'll be happy to give it a go, so long don't have to keep the joycons in the console to play like the image in Nintendo's page of the kit. :P

Cadence of Hyrule
  Posted by Kaynil - March 21, 2019

This gem of a game coming in few months was the surprise end of this month's Nindies presentation. As the name implies you'll rely on rhythm to defeat and progress through and defeat enemies. This game is a crossover with "Crypt of the Necromancer" with Zelda elements. It is quite interesting it is being treated as a indie game and so it that Nintendo agreeably allowed for such a collaboration.


In the latest rhythmic action-adventure from Brace Yourself Games, you can enjoy the gameplay of Crypt of the Necrodancer in the setting of The Legend of Zelda series. As Link—or even as Princess Zelda—you’ll explore the randomly generated overworld and dungeons on a quest to save Hyrule. Every beat of each remixed, The Legend of Zelda tune is a chance to move, attack, defend, and more, so stay one step ahead of each enemy and boss…or face the music. Cadence of Hyrule is coming Spring 2019!

I guess it is not long from now before we can have it on our Switch.
I really like the character design with sprites. Are you guys gonna give it a chance?

Bowser to succeed Reggie Fils-Aimé retiring from NoA
  Posted by Kaynil - March 01, 2019

When this was originally announced, it was quite unexpected. Through Twitter, Nintendo of America just asked us to watch a video, and it was from there that Reggie explained his decision of leaving behind his Title as the President of Nintendo of America in a few months, coming April this year.

He thanks the fans and talks a bit what it's been for him to work for Nintendo. It seems like filling his shoes is not going to be easy.

Quite humorous that the person who'll have the honour and pressure to fill that spot is named Doug Bowser.
I think no many of us even knew about hiom before this annoucement and from my understanding he's the Vice President of the Sales and Marketing department.

He got a twitter account, thetruebowser, from which he seems to have good sense of humor and seems fine with the Last name and the jokes that people are coming up about Bowser taking over the company.
Just look at the Mario and Luigi plushies in that picture, haha.

Hopefully the new President can infuse his own flavor while keeping the spirit of Nintendo.
Personally, I am curious to see if he'd appear in direct and if he'd have some fun with the whole "Bowser" thing.
So what do you guys think of this?