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Oman Au Shrine

Abilities Gained: Magnesis
Items: Traveler's Bow

Video Walkthrough


Once you enter the shrine, run over to the pedestal and insert your shiekah slate, and download the Magnesis ability. Press the up button on the D-pad and make sure the Magnet is selected. Press L and it should show items you can control in 'pink' but after you hover over it, it should turn yellow. Hover over the doors on the floor and pull them out, and drop down into the hole.

Drop down into the hole, and run down the passage way and up the stair way, pull that one metal block out of the brick wall, and kill the guardian scout on the other side, run across the metal door on the floor and turn around and pick it up and place it ahead to bridge the next gap.

Run across and use magnesis on the door to open it. Before you enter you can turn to the left and pull down a treasure chest from a platform on the wall to get a Travelers Bow. Activate the Shrine.