Zelda Cavern Forums
Zelda Cavern is in need of some help, so I have decided to start a staff openings page. So far here are the openings. Please I ask, if you apply for a job that you are very experienced at the job you want and have the time to devote to the site.

Chatroom Administrator - Someone who is experienced with IRC and can build activity and maintain staff in our chat channel you will be the admin (&) so any staff besides the webmaster(s) will be at your discression

Forums Administrator - Someone who is experienced with multi-forum softwares (Xenforo Preferred), the forums maintain 4 different Northfire sites in conjunction to Zelda Cavern, so you will be incharge of all staff for Zelda only.

News Correspondant - Someone who wants to post news on the main page of the website about anything Zelda or Nintendo related that might interest anyone who comes to the website.

Content Manager - Is a step below Webmaster, you will be responsible for either developing content for the site or getting the appropriate staff situated to do so. Do you see areas that need improvement? Well that will be your area of expertise.

ANOTHER JOB? - Do you see a job that should be on here and isn't? Then submit an application on why it should be and why you want it.


Zelda Cavern is just a fan site and cannot pay anyone to work here, it is just volunteer work.

If you are hired to Zelda Cavern, all content that has been written for the site now belongs to Zelda Cavern and is copyright Zelda Cavern.

Please, only submit an application if you are absolutely devoted to working for the site.

You must register on the forums before applying that way and get set you up for staff access.

All staff will be given an email address and access to post news on the site so make sure you supply the username and a temporary password to gain access to those areas. You can change them later.

So you are interested in working at Zelda Cavern. Please send an email to either Link at or Phantom at with the Subject: ZC Staff Application and fill out why you want the position and why you think you would do good.